Baby Monitor – WiFi w/Background Audio [GRATIS]

von Porchlight

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Listen to any room in your house, safely and securely via your own WiFi network.
? connect 2 iPhones or iPod touches through the same local wifi network
? simple setup
? clear audio
? silent “baby mode” for the remote phone
? “nanny mode” with audible feedback for the listening phone


????? – Great back up!
We have a new baby and went to my wifes parents for the first time with a lot of family. Baby wouldn’t settle so had to put baby in a quiet area but then realised we’d forgotten the monitor! Both my wife and I have iPhones so checked for an app to help and found this! Fantastic! Really helped and is a great back up.

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Ideal für Eltern mit zwei iPhone oder iPod.
2 Tage kostenlos.
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