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Battery Go! Plus is the premium battery management application, build for everyone from power users to first time iPhone users. With our new „Battery Health Manager“, Battery Go! Plus will ask you several questions about your device and usage habits, which will help develop a special formula custom configured for your device to help give the most accurate battery life figures you’ve ever seen. Throw in our improved slider bar as well as our new „doodle art“ theme, and Battery Go! Plus has become a must have application for an iOS owner.

Proper battery management can be absolutely essential if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, traveling without a phone charger, expecting an important business call, or while on a lengthy car ride. Don’t trust less accurate battery management tools which will leave you guessing as to what your battery life truly is. Get Battery Go! Plus, the only battery management application that develops a custom time formula based off your usage habits, so that you can be ensured that the numbers you’re seeing are as accurate as they can possibly be!

New features in Battery Go! Plus

–New custom „Battery Manager“, which is something thats never been done to this detail on a battery app. Helps determine just how much time you have left you use your device more accurately than any other app by taking your device type, it’s age, your typical daily use, and screen brightness all into account.
–More battery management times available. Now, you can see how much longer your device will last while using GPS, video games, iBooks, YouTube, FaceTime, and more.
–Tons of new battery tips which help teach you how to properly manage your device and get every last bit of juice left before your iPhone needs a recharge. (Tips coming very soon for the iPad)
–Fun new „Doodle Art“ theme, which present a fun new hand drawn way to check out your remaining battery life. (Doodle coming soon to the iPad, sorry for the delay, had some production problems getting the doodle art ready!)
–More accurate version of our beloved „slider bar“ feature, which allows you to play around and see how much time you’ll have left to use your device after watching a video on a plane or listening to music on a long car ride.
It’s a universal app available for both iPhones and iPads, no need to buy a special HD version for your bigger device.
–iOS 4 compatible, with retina display ready graphics
–Customizable color set, so that the app can match your personal style.
–New shake to refresh battery time feature lets the app check your device to make sure that it still has the most accurate battery data available.
–Gotten rid of the tab bar from Battery Go!. Now, you have all the battery times you need right on the home screen.
–Tons of bug fixes and other additional features.

Coming very soon in a fix already submitted to Apple.
–Doodle theme for the iPad version
–iPad Tips

We’ve got tons of updates planned! Here are just some of the things we see ourselves adding in the future.
–More themes for both versions
–Even more battery tips

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– Geeignet für iPhone und iPod Touch
– Geeignet für iPad in voller Auflösung
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
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– Bis Sonntag ist die App kostenlos.


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