Buster Red [GRATIS]

von Iskandar, Inc.

Von 0,79 EUR auf 0,00 EUR!

Free again for a very limited time! – Also check out Cut Him Up! also free for a limited time!

#6 Arcade Game in the US (May)
#4 Arcade Game in Greece and Taiwan (May)
#1 Game in Mali (March)

Over 100,000 downloads and counting!

Press/Player Commentary
„… this vertical shooter is bound to keep you playing for hours on end. The wonderfully colored levels and hand drawn graphics that are outlined in black all come together in a perfect package that challenges you and keeps you hoping for more powerups“ – nukoda.com

„It looks great, has a really cool soundtrack, and the special attacks are particularly kickass. Good stuff. “ – destructoid.com

„As far as fun factor is concerned this game is awesome.“ – indieappolis.com

„Buster Red is a fun game that keeps me occupied for long amounts of time“ – appmodo.com

„Kickass pen-and-ink art, rocking chunes, great enemies and bullet patterns — shooter fans need apply.“ – itunes review

„Most addictive app ever – I strangely find myself playing this all of the time!“ – itunes review

„I’ve played many of the shooters on iTunes and this is one of the best. Such a small price to pay for so much fun“ – itunes review

– 30 unique and challenging levels and boss rush
– 5 playable ships
– auto-save for on the go gaming
– addictive and frantic ‚pick-up and play‘ gameplay
– stylized graphics
– rockin soundtrack
– easy, normal and nightmare modes
– powerups/shields and „Buster Moves“
– original enemies & bosses galore
– lots of bullets
– 34 openfeint leaderboards to see how you match up with players around the world

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