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Videos ohne Konvertierung auf dem iPhone ansehen. Der CineXPlayer spielt gängige avi Formate, wie Xvid, direkt auf deinem Gerät ab. Einfach avi auf dein iPhone kopieren und Film ansehen.

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****SPECIAL PROMO PRICE – reduced from $2,99 to only $0,99 on October 23 and 24)
*** Watch your Xvid movies on your iPhone(4/3GS)/iPod Touch 3rd/4th generation
*** CineXPlayer for iPhone is amazing !*** ***

You love to watch your movies anywhere, anytime and take them with you on your iPhone/iPod. But you realized that some of the most popular movie avi file formats (such as Xvid) won’t synch or play on your iPhone/iPOD ? CineXPlayer is the solution for you! -Transfer your Xvid movies to your device instantly (no conversion needed) -Play your movies anywhere, anytime – even when you have no Internet connection (in a train, a car, a plane…) -Enjoy the full quality and cinema experience – Full Resume Function -Subtitle Support (.srt formats) – – TVOutput (iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4th Gen) – Swipe to Delete (to manage movies/subtitles) – Rotate Lock. CineXPlayer plays Xvid movies and we endeavor to support most popular formats. You may occasionally come across an Xvid movie you will not be able to play. Please use our support contact if you encounter such a problem. (mkv , AC3 format not supported currently) Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and updates coming

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– Geeignet für iPhone und iPod Touch
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
– Der Ursprungspreis ist 2,39 EUR
– Bis zum 24. Oktober reduziert




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