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3D Jagd mit Bogen oder Armbrust. Du hast verschiedene Tiere zur Auswahl und solltest bei größeren Tieren nicht zu nah heran gehen. Kostenlose App mit guter Grafik und komplexe Steuerung.

Original Beschreibung des Entwicklers:

In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, Deer Hunter is Free for TODAY only. Remember to download OpenFeint’s Game Spotlight App to get the Free Game of the Day every day!
Featured in the App Store in :Japan, Canada, US, Mexico
The exciting Deer Hunting game is now available on iPhone.
Deer Hunter Bow master makes full use of the high resolution screen and touch control of iPhone/iPod Touch, which gives players both a great impression and an opportunity to enjoy real hunting experience with arrow and bow.

As a veteran hunter, the fate of the whole tribe is in your hand. You have to find enough food for the long winter. Otherwise, the tribe will be starving. The stout and strong grown-up elk and the boar are best hunting targets. But you must not hurt the does and baby deer by mistake. Watch out for the ferocious bear and buck. It’s dangerous once they’re too close to you. If you cant’t get the big animals anyway, widgeons and squirrels are your second choice. Will you manage to prepare for the winter with enough food? It all depends on your shooting skills.

Now, let’s go hunting!


– Realistic 3D pictures simulates all the situations in hunting
– Make full use of the touch control of iPhone to simulate arrow shooting operation
– Vivid ambience sounds
– Realistic quarries: elk, buck, baby deer, bear, boar, widgeon and squirrel
– 4 stages and 2 bonus stage
– Many kinds of hitting bonus: critical hit, long-distance shot, jumping shot …
– Hunter skills: breath control, eagle eye
– OpenFeint rankings and achievement system
– Unlock new weapons: from primal arrow and bow to crossbow

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– Geeignet für iPhone und iPod Touch
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
– Der Ursprungspreis ist 0,79 EUR
– Keine Angabe wie lange die App kostenlos ist




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