Distant Assassin Reload: Sniper Trainer [GRATIS]

von Redbot Software Inc
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Kurzfassung der App:

Besuche die Schule für Scharfschützen. Das Spiel ist recht simpel. Suche in der Menge dein Ziel, zoome heran und drücke ab. Achte darauf keinen Unschuldigen zu treffen.

Original Beschreibung des Entwicklers:

SALE!!! For iPhone 4 launch! * * * * * Read the Reviews!:
“I am a huge sniper fan…I have tried many so called sniper apps but none of them have earned a permanent place on the iPad until now. Thanks for the enjoyment!” -AppStore User Review.

“Enjoyable sniper game. Graphics is very nice and clean – love the artwork. Gameplay is pretty challenging. Great game!” -AppStore User Review.

* * * * *
Distant Assassin is back & Reloaded with Sniper Trainer.

There is a very dangerous criminal on the loose. This criminal is hiding out, disguised in a crowd of innocent people. Don’t let him get away, and don’t hit the innocent!

Sniper Challenge Game Mode is included.

Your mission is simple, find your target in a crowd, scroll around with your finger. Then zoom in and shoot!  If you miss, your reward will decrease.  And if you hit an innocent person, you will be penalized.  As the levels progress, the difficulty increases, the crowds get faster.

DISTANT ASSASSIN RELOAD is a game that’s a cross between a sniper-shooter and Where’s Waldo.

Also includes all new Practice Mode. Slow pace practice to get familiar with the game.

This game has in-app purchase for additional game modes:
Sniper Academy
Precision Shooting
Sniper Clues
Rapid Fire
Speed Snipe

-OpenFeint Leaderboards for each mode.
-Full feature Sniper Challenge game mode.
-In Game Bonuses: Night Vision, Speed Snipe and Eagle Eye.
-Reverse Navigation Button
-Pinch to Zoom In & Out
-Auto Save & Resume
-In game advice from the Distant Assassin
-All new in game music
-Mute the in game music & play your own background music

Comments & Suggestions: Email the Big Redbot: contact@redbotsoftware.com

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– Geeignet für iPhone und iPod Touch
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
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