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Addictive 9 minigames are in one application!

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Doodle Games is an application with highly addictive 9 different mini games. With the various mini games and characters, enjoy competing with others and collecting items!

Various Minigames and Hillarious Characters will be welcoming you in the Doodle Games! Compete with other Cartoon Star users all over the World and collect all items and characters.

1) Highly addictive 9 different mini games!
Intuitive and Addictive 9 different mini games will make you enjoy Doodle Games for a long period of time. Since there are two different modes, Easy and Hard, choose whichever you would like to play!

2) Adorable Characters!
Have fun finding each character within the game with the clues given. Choose the suitable character for each game, since they all have different stats and skills.

3) Customization!
Customize your characters to make them to be your own and one of a kind!

Rope n Swing
?Hold on to your friends and swing as high as you can.
?Be careful not to let go of the rope too late.

?Aim before your friends reach the ground.
?Touch the screen to launch missiles.
?Missiles cause explosions near the friend you aimed at but other friends within the range will also explode.
?If the missile doesn’t explode then you fail.

Spring jump
?Hop on a spring and move forward.
?Touch the screen to run to the lopsided direction.
?Jump farther by tilting more.

Down the rabbit hole
?Go down the center through empty holes.
?Touch the screen to change direction.
?Make your decisions on where to go quickly according to the rotation direction of the foothold.

Rise above
?Go as high as you can without touching the thorn wall.
?Touch the screen to change direction.
?You won’t change directions immediately after you touch the screen, so it is important to time it while watching where you are going.
?Better to touch the screen frequently.

Animals on a rampage
?Drop friends by aiming at them.
?Touch the screen to change rotation direction.
?Game is easier if you use items.

Roll to the goal
?Roll to the right while avoiding friends.
?Roll as fast as you can by touching the screen.

Grab ‘m all
?Grab your friends before they disappear from the screen.
?Touch the screen to change direction.
?Friends you’ve grabbed will follow and help you grab more friends.

Aim n pop
?Match at least 3 of the same friends to pop them.
?Touch the screen to launch your friend.
?Use the wall strategically.

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– Geeignet für iPhone und iPod Touch
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
– Der Ursprungspreis ist 0,79 EUR
– Bis zum 16. Oktober kostenlos.




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