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Fitfone is a unique service that transforms your mobile phone into your own personal trainer enabling you to:

· Measure your fitness.

· Exercise effectively.

· Analyse the results.

Everyone’s fitness levels are different. Fitfone allows you access to this critical fitness information, which here to fore was only available to hospital patients or elite athletes. Improved fitness levels are associated with a longer and healthier life. Fitfone allows you to tailor your exercise program to suit your own individual needs. ?Any time; anywhere; any place?. Fitfone allows you take specific fitness tests, customise and manage your exercise routine and track your progress. The fitness tests available on Fitfone are:

· Rockport One Mile Walk Test

· Cooper?s Test

· The ½ mile walk Test

· The 6 minute walk Test

Think of Fitfone as your own mobile private gym, where you will increase your fitness levels at a pace that suits your busy lifestyle. Fitfone also helps you to set your long-term fitness goals and tailor your day-to-day exercise plan to those needs, whether you want to:

· Lose weight.

· Follow an elite fitness program.

· Increase your overall fitness.

· Do more gentle exercise for cardiac rehab.

If you are exercising in an attempt to shed a few pounds, Fitfone provides you with instant feedback on the calories you are burning, giving you complete control over the relationship between your diet and your exercise routine as you strive to get into shape.
A unique approach:

What makes Fitfone so unique is its use of proven medical algorithms. It combines the latest modern technology with proven scientific techniques based in sports and exercise medicine

The Technology:

Every time you exercise with Fitfone your iPhone keeps track of the distance you have covered and the time it has taken using precise clinical formulas and cutting-edge GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. This system takes all the hassle out of maintaining an exercise regime through the wonders of modern science.
The Analysis:

Your phone doesn’t just track you as you exercise. It builds up a personalised fitness database over time and then analyses this data using the latest methods in exercise science. Fitfone gives you instant feedback, so you can calculate the benefit of your exercise as you do it, no matter what level of fitness you are aiming for.
Fitness Control with Fitfone:

Fitfone gives you the power to create your own personalised fitness program. The application helps you run your own fitness tests, exercise effectively, and get scientific analysis from the results of your workout. Fitfone also helps you calculate the fitness zone you need to be in and gets you into a routine in order for you to reach that zone. Use Fitfone to track your progress, and set your targets on each step of the way to your goal.

Good luck on the road to wellness!

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