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This Version is priced at $1.99 because it is 100% perfected and is the very best Flashlight available for the iPhone 4, GUARANTEED! You will never need another Flashlight.

*** UPDATE VERSION 4.2 ***
Light comes on even faster now. Switch has been perfected and all multitasking issues have been resolved.

Finally a REAL Flashlight ONLY on the NEW iPhone 4. Flashlight ® taps into the power of the NEW LED flash on the iPhone 4 to give you an incredibly bright Flashlight that is significantly brighter than those apps that simply turn your screen white.

? Find Your Keys in the Dark
? Read a Real Book at Night
? Light the Way When Camping and Hiking
? Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night
? Light Your Room During a Power Outage
? Repair Your Car or Change a Tire at Night
? Entertain Friends With Shadow Puppets
? Check on the Little Ones

Don’t be fooled by those outdated iPhone 3 apps that claim to be flashlights but simply turn your iPhone’s screen white. Flashlight ® uses the LED Flash and is up to 10 times brighter than the iPhone screen and up to 3 times brighter than many common “D-Battery” Flashlights.

Please Note: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life. Please use Flashlight ® responsibly and keep an eye on battery consumption. 🙂

Click the Flashlight ® app icon to turn your camera’s Flash ON almost instantly and keep it on until you turn it off!

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? Flash Light
? Torch Light
? Purse Light
? Night Light
? Computer Light
? Reading Light
…and many more uses.

You’ve got the POWER with Flashlight ® for iPhone 4!

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Eine gut funktionierende Taschenlampe für das iPhone ab iOS 4. In der neuen Version laut Hersteller deutlich schnellerer Start. Kostenlos nur bis zum 19. September.
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