Forsaken [GRATIS]

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Inspired by the legendary arcade classics before it, Forsaken is an epic go-until-you-drop fantasy arcade adventure. Explore unique and dangerous dungeons filled with deadly monsters and the bones of those who have come before you in an attempt to reach the deepest levels and claim the ultimate high score!

How deep will the dungeon take you?

** 4 different characters to choose from: Warrior, Priest, Mage and Archer
** Randomly generated dungeons – Never the same game twice!
** Fight your way through two themed environments: Classic and Winter
** Local scoring system

** 3rd Generation devices required
** iOS4 required

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Ein Rollenspiel mit zufallsgenerierten Dungeons. So ist kein Spiel wie das vorherige.
Du kannst Krieger, Priester, Zauberer oder Bogenschütze spielen.
Keine Angabe wie lange die App kostenlos ist.
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