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Guitar – Virtual Instruction Book
..display notes and scales on your guitar and see what name they have

You have a melody and want to play it on your guitar? With Guitar VIB it has never been easier: tap the key on the piano and all possible ways to tone it on your guitar are displayed.
Vice versa too, take your great improvisation on your guitar and use Guitar VIB to transcribe it.
Choose out of 100 scales and chords, know all places where they are and play them up and down until your fingers burn. Guitar VIB is the ideal training tool for everyone who wants to take the next step in guitar playing. Free your music with Guitar VIB.

✔ fullscreen guitar fretboard: access 3 different screens by rotating your iPhone/iPod Touch (can be locked to one screen)

✔ naturally sampled sounds of an acoustic guitar

✔ easy-to-use piano keyboard for entering the notes

✔ translation of piano tones into instructions to play the guitar and vice versa

✔ display of over 100 scales, chords and your own inventions
✔ additional display of the note both in a stave and as a text label

✔ Guitar TAB export, spread your previously recorded improvisation into the world via Email

✔ irreplaceable learning effect while you try new scales and melodies, unlimited possibilities of using the virtual instruction book

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