i Sniper [GRATIS]

von MASQ Interactive Limited

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the FAAD APP by FREEAPPaDAY.com introduces iSNIPER as today’s FREE APP!
the most downloaded sniper game in the history of iOS w/ OVER 4 MILLION downloads…


a group of terrorists has broken into MASQ corporation headquarters and taken its employees as hostages. your squad, the best anti-terrorist unit in the world, is called in to take care of business.

things turn out to be more complicated than expected, and as the drama unfolds, you and your team are drawn into the crossfire.

clear your mind, steady your sight, and eliminate the terrorist threat…


? gripping cinematic storyline
? easy tap-&-tilt controls
? super legit ‘hold-your-breath’ mode for accuracy
? 8 intense missions located around the world
? 8 different types of enemies



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