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Zum Abschluß gibt es noch ein weiteres Spiel, das zu Halloween paßt. Du kämpfst gegen verschiedene Mini Monster mit unterschiedlichen Zaubersprüchen. Damit wäre Halloween für dieses Jahr erledigt 😉

Original Beschreibung des Entwicklers:

*** In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, MonsterKill is Free for TODAY only. Remember to download OpenFeint’s Game Spotlight App to get the Free Game of the Day every day! ***

They’re cute, they’re cheeky – you just want to squeeze the life out of the little monsters!

Hordes of tiny terrors have broken free of their chains and are running amok!


• The Mummy aka The Geezer
• Count Dracula aka Vlad
• Werewolf aka Scott
• Frankenstein aka Frankie

… you’ve a few tricks up your sleeve to deal with these guys:


Summon a variety of spells as you battle against these classic mini-monsters.

• Slice and dice them – cut them in two with the cut spell!
• Summon lightning – give them a shocking experience!
• Turn up the heat by casting fireballs – watch ’em burn!
• Need to slow them? Sculpt an ice block to stun them!


• Simple gesture system to summon spells
• Stunning characters, animation, backgrounds & fx
• Multiple game modes: Normal, Endless & Onslaught!
• OpenFeint for online high scores & achievements!
• Awesome music & sound effects by Earcom!
• iPod music library access (for OS3.0+ users)


or check out


• If you have a saved game to continue, a RESUME GAME option appears to the right of it – just tap it 🙂


“Overall, it is obvious this game was designed masterfully as the graphics and gameplay are well-done.”

“Awesome death animations…Great game modes for extended replay…Strategy elements…Halloween Theme”

“…MonsterKill is a great game that is fun and has great graphics…”

“If you’re like me, there are two things in this world you can’t live without – castle defense games and zombies. With MonsterKill you get a fresh new way to defend your castle against zombies, vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein monsters. Sounds perfect? It is!”

“If you are into castle defense games, MonsterKill is absolutely worth a look”

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– Geeignet für iPhone und iPod Touch
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
– Der Ursprungspreis ist 0,79 EUR
– Keine Angabe wie lange die App kostenlos ist




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