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Package Control HD By Crazy Spin Studios

If you liked Flight Control HD or Harbor Master HD, You will love Package Control HD. Its addictive game play will guarantee you hours of fun and pleasure, all bundled up in one game with stunning graphics and plenty of levels to keep you hooked on all day long.

In Package Control HD, you are in charge of guiding packages from the delivery center to there appropriate mode of transportation. However it is not as easy at it sounds, the packages are different colors and you must also drop the proper colored package to its correct place. In order to deliver these packages, you must touch the arrow?s along the conveyor belt to guide them threw the track on the level. When the level?s get harder, you will find static arrow?s that do not move, and those will make it much more challenging to beat the level.

Package Control comes with more than 9 level, in each level you are given a set amount of time you have to beat the level, not only must you beat the level in the time allowed, you must also beat the level with 70% or higher in order to unlock the next one.

Package Control HD Features:

– 20 Gorgeous HD Levels
– Story mode and endurance
– 3 Modes Of Transportation
– Play Against The Clock
– High Scores
– Play iPod During Game Play

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– Geeignet für iPad in voller Auflösung
– Die Sprache der App ist Englisch
– Der Ursprungspreis ist 1,59 EUR
– Keine Angabe wie lange die App kostenlos ist




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