Pebble Jump [GRATIS]

von NBTD Productions

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A unique puzzle game inspired by ‘Checkers’ & ‘Peg Solitaire’.

The objective of Pebble Jump is to clear the board by jumping over pieces in the style of ‘Checkers’. The challenge is to land the last jump on the indicated ‘home’ space.

? Over 100 puzzle layouts
? Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties
? Hint System assists when stuck on a puzzle
? Undo & Reset buttons included for convenience
? Listen to music while you play.
? Change the look from 5 game skins.

With ideal pick-up and drop gameplay, Pebble Jump is unique, simple, addictive & a highly challenging puzzle game.

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Ein nettes Knobelspi. Ziel ist es, das Spielfeld komplett zu reinigen und dabei auf dem markierten Spielfeld zu landen.
Keine Angabe wie lange die App kostenlos ist.
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