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SDKtoday is an app that teaches you how to make apps. Whether you are looking to build your own apps, acquire new skills for your resume, or just have some fun riding the Apple wave, you should check out SDKtoday.

What makes SDKtoday different? Well, lets break it down into some bits and bytes:

1. SDKtoday is a sleek intuitive app that enables you to easily hone in on the knowledge you want, and obtain it with practical examples. Three tutorials are included for free with the app download!

2. Learning concepts are wrapped up in Tutorials which each result in a unique app. As for the content, we?re not talking about blithe techie dribble for pro’s that also have a handle on things like quantum physics. Oh no, these are eye candy laden and down to earth lessons on how it’s done ? using our amazing S2C2 approach.

3. You can interact with tutorials in the following ways:
a. Demo ? Interact directly with the final app (right inside the application) to help prioritize your learning.
b. Learn ? build the app by reading a step-by-step guide, or watching a video where we build the app. Both methods use our amazing S2C2 methodology.
c. Download ? you can download the code to save yourself some typing, or get yourself out of a snafu via a working app for comparison.

4. We also included a handy Reference section full of helpful reminders, great time savers, and other iOS topics of interest.

5. In addition to the 3 Tutorials included with the app download, there is a store with a growing list of tutorials available for purchase!

So, what are you waiting for? Download SDKtoday from iTunes Now and kick start your app empire dreams!

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