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SMS Fast is an Application that is specially designed for iPhone users to have an ease in replying SMS Messages.  Be it when you are attending an important meeting or driving on the roads, with SMS Fast it helps you to reply SMS Messages with just a ‚Tap.‘ There’s no need to type! Just ‘Tap’ on the SMS template you want, enter the recipent’s number & ‘Send.’ It’s that simple!

It can’t be any simpler to reply a SMS without SMS Fast!
Now, users can even send TEXT with some cute Emoji Icons!

Features of SMS Fast
• Emoji Keyboard
• 9 Preloaded SMS Template
• One tap SMS messaging
• No more hassle in typing anymore
• Editable SMS Templates
• Add unlimted number of templates you want, no limit

Users can add their own custom template in the all version of SMS Fast (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2)

How to?
1) Launch SMS Fast Application on your iPhone
2) Tap on the „Edit“ button on the top right hand corner
3) Scroll down your table view, tap on the „Add New Template“ button that appears in the bottom of the table
4) A new view will appear and type in your own custom template and tap on „Save“
5) Your new custom template should appear in the table now

*NOTE: Emoji Icons are viewable on iOS based devices only.

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